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Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Glass backsplashes have a lot of style and visually look fantastic. But how durable is a glass backsplash give that they are made of glass, which we know is very brittle.

Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Generally the glass used in high maintenance situations like this is toughened glass. Toughened glass has all the usual properties of glass, but is shatter proof.

Glass Splashbacks for Kitchens Come In Any Color

If and when toughened glass does break, it forms small blunt pieces, unlike standard glass which ends up in dengerous sharp pieces that can easily cut you.

Adplan Glass supply kitchen and bathroom splashbacks in red

Toughened glass is just as bright as standard glass but much safer and practical. And because glass reflects lights, you get a nice reflection effect that give a certain style and luxury to the kitchen and brightens up the room.

Posted by Kitchen Design. Splashlite illuminated glass splashback

A colored glass backsplash or a clear glass backsplash against a painted wall only goes on to enhance this effect even further.

Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

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Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

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