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Granite Countertop Options

Granite Countertop Options

Granite is a great material for a countertop. Its a very hard material and pretty hardwearing and also look fantastic.

Granite Countertop Options

But some people find the look of granite a little over the top and want other granite like options. And there are some good ones out there.

Home Kitchens & Baths Granite Customized Options

Wood as a countertop is definitely having a bit of a comeback. Wood butchers block or even bamboo butchers block looks fantastic in the kitchen.

Soapstone is a natural stone that some like for countertops, although some say that it is very easy to chip or dent. So not practical unless you like the worn look in your kitchen. Also it appears that soapstone has a very high environmental impacts as animal habitats are being destroyed to get at the soapstone.

Granite countertop for Covenant Graniteworks

Formica can be used for countertops also. Again scratches easily but scratches can easily be removed and look as good as new.

Corian is anothor countertop material that is getting much love recently and in the hands of a skilled professional can be made to look pretty good. The downside of corian and other solid surface materials is that they cant take heat and will melt if a hot pan is placed on them etc... something to bear in mind. Oh and Corian does scratch very easily.

Radon in Granite Countertops

Glass is another beautiful option for a countertop although some dont like the fact that it shows smudges and fingerprints so easily.

Quartz is another popular countertop material. Many think its the natural product, but in fact the quartz used in countertops is a man made material made by combining certain polymers and aggregates to form a material perfect for cutting into slabs. One advantage that quartz has thats similar to granite is that it does stay cool. Good if you live somewhere that gets very hot.

Granite Countertop Options

Kitchen Countertop Tile Ideas

Granite Countertop Options

Granite Countertop Options

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