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Pictures Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Pictures Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

There are many kitchen ideas out there than can transform your kitchen into a very special place to work, entertain and relax. You can use a backsplash that coordinates or contrasts with the rest of your kitchen to enhance that.

Pictures Kitchen Backsplash Ideas Remodeling backsplash kitchen cabinet granite backsplash ideas

Think about your kitchen cabinets, your countertop and the kitchen floor. The colors in your backsplash can either match 1 or more of those.

A decorative backsplash can add class and style to any kitchen

The other way to do this is to use all those colors in your tiles, in either standard size tiles, or as is often done with mosaic tiles that pick up all the other colors in the kitchen and can work quite well.

Need simple kitchen backsplash ideas? Just a few accent tiles

Porcelain and ceramic tiles are probably the most popular. Natural stone is probably next. Although they tend to be more expensive, natural stones such as granite, marble and slate really do make a dramatic impact when fitted in a kitchen.

looking for tile backsplash ideas floors

Glass tiles and a glass backsplash is also popular. They are either colored or left clear and the wall behind the tiles painted before application.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas – Dress up your Kitchen

Some people also like metal backsplashes. These can also be either metal tiles such as copper, tin or steel or the alternative is a steel backsplash which probably works better when you have a most stainless steel kitchen.

kitchen backsplash mosaic tile 100 Here are some 4 inch diagonal tiles

Of course the is still the option of painting the backsplash area or using wallpaper. But you dont get the benefit of a tiled backsplash which is very durable and easy to keep clean.

Pictures Kitchen Backsplash Ideas  6x6 Tumbled Stone Kitchen Backsplash $699

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Pictures Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Pictures Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


  1. I can't belive I just found this blog!!! Perhaps you can help me ASAP! I have been googling all over the place for backsplashes with regard to new granite counter tops.

    Here is my overall dillema: We are getting a sandy/beige colored granite for our kitchen counters and I have chosen a Mother of Pearl White Oyster glass tile for the backsplash. the problem is that I am unsure what to do around the window (Sink Window)!!!

    So, if I go up to underneath the cabinets, do I use that same heigth at the windows or do I go all the way up to the ceiling? (seems a bit much)

    Anywhoooo - do you happen to have any pictures of a kitchen window where the cabinets are not immediatly flanking the window but there is painted wall there?

    Accccck!! I don't want it to look unfinished, but I don't want to go overboard on the tiles either.

    If you need me to send you a picture of my window situation, I can do that.

    I hope to hear back from you!!!

  2. who can I get in contact about regarding purchasing an image from this post?

    Thank you

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  4. Those tiles look nice. Are there any other recommended materials that can be used as backslash?