Monday, 18 April 2011

Tempered Glass Backsplash

Solid Glass Backsplash

Tempered Glass Backsplash
Is there any place I can get this type of solid glass
Glass backsplash made out of 1/4
Glass Kitchen Backsplash. This is sandblasted tempered
Also, we used tempered glass for our backsplash
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Tempered Glass Backsplash

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Tempered Glass Backsplash


  1. does anyone know where in Toronto I can get a tempered glass backsplash?

  2. Tempered glass
    We are an importing and sourcing company with 2 offices with full-time staff, one in Wuxi, China and the other in Toronto, Canada. We source the products that our customers request of us. We also qualify and visit the suppliers several times; before placing the order, during production and before shipment, and arrange the transportation to your door. We source manufacturers based on several criteria, including...
    Tempered glass

  3. We did this in our kitchen and it looks great EXCEPT the glass by the stove SHATTERED one evening while cooking. THe lifetime guarantee doesn't mean much since the company 'Designer Glass' has gone out of business.
    My recommendation would be to avoid doing the area around the stove no matter what the personable young salesman says.