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Hickory Cabinets

Hickory Cabinets

If you are a lover of wooden furniture then you must love hickory. Hickory looks really good and its that really distinctive and strong grain pattern in the wood that has a lot to do with it.

Just on looks alone hickory really stands out but it also has the hardness which means that it is extremely durable so lasts. Properly sealed hickory will take anything that you can throw at it.

Hickory Cabinets and Swinging Pantry Door with Cherry Stain

With its range of colors and its grain, hickory really makes a statement in your kitchen. It really does have a really distinctive appearance with the marks and knots that are typical of this wood.

Lots of Hickory Cabinets, window view of State park

Hickory is perfect if you are trying a achieve a rustic country feel to your kitchen. Try to go for solid hickory cabinets if you can rather than a veneer and solid wood will always last a long time.

Hickory Kitchen Cabinets Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

Before you purchase or order make sure you get some samples and hold them up in your kitchen. This will help you get a feel for which shade is to your liking and will work best in your kitchen.

Custom home kitchen natural hickory cabinets

No two pieces of a natural item are going to be the same so spend some time to make sure you get what you want from your hickory purchase. Try and purchase locally so that you can see the products before purchase.

Custom Hickory cabinets, angled island with sliding shelves and matching

Hickory Cabinets Amish Hickory Cabinets, Granite Counter tops

Hickory Kitchen Cabinets

Hickory Cabinets

Hickory Cabinets

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