Saturday, 12 March 2011

Silestone Countertops

Silestone Countertops

Silestone is a man made quartz countertop which is a combination of quartz, resin and stone aggregates that is made to look like granite or other stones.

Silestone Countertops Why to Choose Granite Countertops

Silestone countertops are very pretty and very hardwearing.

Silestone Countertop. Designing your

Quartz is generally resistant to cuts and scratches, and is also heat resistant, so is a very durable countertop product.

Choosing countertops for the kitchen can be an overwhelming

Silestone countertops are not porous which means also that they are very unlikely to stain.

Silestone countertops are made from quartz which combines the strength

They are pretty much maintenance free as they dont need to be sealed.

New Silestone countertops

Silestone countertops also include microban anti bacterial material in their countertops too.

Silestone Countertops Silestone countertops are also

Typhoon Bordeaux Granite Slab

Silestone Countertops

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  1. I would sooner take silestne, primarily because of the choice of color and strength. Unlike granite, silestone is quite rugged and resistant to scratches. Every time I opted for granite silestone before

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