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Kitchen Lighting Remodel

Kitchen Lighting Remodel

If you are remodeling your kitchen then the lighting is something that must be considered.

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Its something that we tend to forget about and consider as an after thought but your choice of lighting in your kitchen can have a big impact on the mood you have there.

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If you are using an interior designer or an expert kitchen fitter they will probably ask you what kind of lighting you want and make some suggestions.

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But there are so many ways to achieve lighting and so many looks.

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Possibly one of the best options is in fact to give yourself two options that are independent of each other.

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Use full room lighting that comes from the ceiling but also have under cabinet lighting two. And make sure they are on seperate switches that way you can have two different kinds of light with different brightnesses depending on the mood you want to create in the kitchen.

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Kitchen Lighting Remodel

Kitchen Lighting Remodel

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