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Green Kitchen Paint

Green Kitchen Paint

Being green and thinking of the environment is definitely at the forefront of everyones mind these days and green kitchen paint may not exactly be part of that. There is no reason that this shouldnt apply when we are in the kitchen, a place in the house where lots of energy is used.

Green Kitchen Paint Happy St. Patty's Day: Green Decor Inspiration

So when coming up with a new kitchen design for yourself, you should try and incorporate as many eco friendly features in your design as possible or as much as the budget will allow

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For example when it comes to flooring try and think of using renewable materials such as bamboo or cork or other natural floorings. There is still debate as to how green bamboo is, as the popularity of it as a product is now leading to forests being cleared to produce it!

Green walls set the tone for this soothing kitchen

One advantage of cork is that it does not damage the trees it comes from as it is only the bark of the tree. Plus it is very soft to walk on and yet hard wearing

A mid level moss green

Or reuse existing materials in your kitchen by going for a recycled material floor For example a recycled flooring such as a rubber flooring.

The unique checkerboard pattern with green paint gives a whimsical

Many companies will strip rubber from waste tyres and use these to form new rubber flooring products.

A few weeks ago I offered my thoughts on green

When remodeling your kitchen including painting your kitchen with green kitchen paint, if someone tells you that all you need to do is put on a couple of coats of any paint and your done, run a mile. If you do this with the wrong paint its likely that your paint will be peeling off very quickly, or you will end up needing lots and lots of coats of green kitchen paint.

Photos or paint help for a sagey green kitchen color

Here are some pointers to help you get you green kitchen paint job and green kitchen makeover done properly. Painting and decorating and remodeling a kitchen is a big job, so make sure you have plenty of time to work on your green kitchen makeover project. You will need to budget 1 to 3 weeks on the kitchen depending on its size and complexity of changes, so dont start if you cant commit the time.

Once you are ready to start work on your new designer kitchens interior design, move the stuff your going to work on to the right place. Take off all doors and drawer fronts from sides and islands and put them in your work area eg garage or basement, that you have prepared.

Take a photo of where all the knobs, knockers, hinges and brackets are and then remove them. The photos will be there to remind you if you forget where anything goes when putting stuff back together. Get some medium grade quality sandpaper. For stained and varnished wood or melamine you'll need to sand a key which is a rough surface for priming . Do this for both sides of the doors and drawers and edges. Ensure you remove and shiny or smooth areas that paint wont stick to. Also get some tack cloth to remove all dust from surface. Now get your masking tape and mask off any edges that you want to protext from primer and paint.

Get your aluminium based wood primer for stained wood standard wood primer for unstained or melamine primer for melamine and stir for ten minutes. Then prime the doors, drawers and edges with a 2 thin coats. Sand with find sandpaper to remove anything that may have stuck to primer while drying. Now do the same for the rest of the kitchen.

Choose your kitchen colors. For painting wood cabinets get some tester pots to try out different colors on a small scale. Most DIY stores the days have a colorful kitchens show room with some interesting and bright kitchens where you can get kitchen ideas to help you decide. When you start painting ensure you use a good quality brush.

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Green Kitchen Paint

Green Kitchen Paint

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