Saturday, 18 September 2010

Natural Maple Kitchen Cabinets

Natural Maple Kitchen Cabinets

There is a real fantastic and beautiful look in natural maple that helps to make for a really fabulous kitchen.

Natural Maple Kitchen Cabinets

The grain of the wood really does as something specially to this beautiful wood.

bespoke kitchen design. Lansdowne Natural Maple Kitchen

The best way to experience maple of course is with a solid wood rather than a veneer, although of course a solid wood kitchen is going to be more expensive.

Kitchen cabinets natural maple and quartzite counter top

There is not a lot of color variation with maple and the grain is quite consistent too.

Kitchen Cabinet Showroom (Natural Maple Shaker)

The look of maple is really brought out to its best by a good glaze.

Maple Kitchen Cabinets in our Mansfield Elite Collection, Recessed Panels

So maple is definitely one to consider if you thinking of a material or wood for your kitchen.

Glazed maple kitchen cabinets with tile floor and slate backsplash

Country Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Natural Maple Kitchen Cabinets

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