Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Ikea Abstrakt Pictures

Ikea Abstrakt Pictures

The Ikea Abstrakt is a kitchen that looks good and is of good quality.

Ikea Abstrakt Pictures Kitchen White

Ikea kitchens often look as good as more expensive options but at a lower price.

Ikea Abstrakt White lower cabinet

The real downside to Ikea kitchens is they tend to be made out of MDF, which is known to have problems with moisture so you do have to look after it, and even so its not likely to last as long as some more hard wearing materials.

IKEA kitchen - Abstrakt white - Google Sketchup

One other advantage of Ikea kitchens is because the parts are readily available, its very easy to change the look of your kitchen by changing cabinets doors and drawer fronts etc.

The cabinets are Ikea Abstrakt White, the counter is Silestone White Zeus, the tile is Italian mosaic glass, the cook-top microwave/convection oven are Kenmore and the sink is from Johnson Acero

With the Ikea kitchens dont just rely on what you see in the catalogues, its best to visit in store to see how the kitchens look in person.

Red Kitchen ABSTRAKT Red High-Gloss IKEA Kitchen

A kitchen style that just looked ok in the brochure may actually look a lot better when you see it face to face, or vice versa, so make sure to take a trip and investigate the full range.

Ikea Showroom — Abstrakt White

Custom Kitchen Hoods

Ikea Abstrakt Pictures

Ikea Abstrakt Pictures

Ikea Abstrakt Pictures

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