Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Ikea Abstrakt Grey

Ikea Abstrakt Grey

Ikea offer good quality kitchens at reasonable prices.

Ikea Abstrakt Grey Kitchen Cabinet Doors

They are off the shelf kitchens which is why the cost is more reasonable than getting a bespoke or custom kitchen put together.

Ikea Abstrakt High Gloss Grey Kitchen

The fact that its off the shelf means that lots of people will have the same styles but that doesnt mean that there arent ways to make Ikea kitchens your own and put your own style into them.

The cabinets are Ikea Abstrakt White

Some people worry about the quality of Ikea kitchens but they are know to be good quality.

A preview of Abstrakt gray

And if the kitchens do suffer from wear and tear or you inherit one in a new home, its very easy to replace the pieces at your local Ikea store.

 Ikea imitates Bulthaup which is a high end cabinet maker from germany

So if you are thinking about saving money and giving Ikea a try, go for it.

Ikea Kitchen Design Ideas

Concrete Countertops Pictures

Ikea Abstrakt Kitchen

Ikea Abstrakt Grey

Ikea Abstrakt Grey

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