Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Art Deco Kitchen

Art Deco Kitchen

The art deco style can be a great style to use in the kitchen.

Art Deco Kitchen

And because it tends to bridge that divide between modern and traditional you can incorporate elements from both.

This art deco inspried kitchen has an etched glass pantry door created by Peggy. Lighted curved glass under the granite counters creates a mood reminiscent of a bygone age

There are many elements that were popular in art deco kitchens that you can incorporate.


Many of the features in art deco kitchens where very simply done so many of the touches in art deco can be done for a reasonable budget.

Art Deco Kitchen

Dont forget about the tiles as art deco in the home relied heavily on tiles and colors to add to the look.

Art Deco-style kitchen This Art Deco-inspired kitchen has specially-designed wooden units

Art deco is very forgiving so see if some of the stuff you already have will work.

Art Deco kitchen

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Art Deco Kitchen

Art Deco Kitchen

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