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Color Combination In Granite and Wood

Color Combination In Granite

Granite is possibly one of the hardest commonly occurring igneous rocks on the planet. Its is found in a wide range of countries and continents.

Color Combination In Granite

The color of granite can vary from grey to pink, and depends on the mix of minerals, and can be referred to as its color index. The color of granite is used to vary the contrast or aesthetics by kitchen designers and homeowners remodeling their kitchens.

Granite is possibly now the top luxury choice, posssibly next to marble for kitchen and bathroom countertops and remodels, although is more commonly found in grandly designed floors and fireplaces.

Color Combination In   Wood New Range

The most difficult choice to wrestle with as always when making design changes in the home, especially if your not a professional interior design expert, is what color to choose. With granite often not being one color, unless you go for a jet black granite countertop, that becomes even more difficult a choice.

Granite has a huge range and mixes of natural colors with black possibly being the most pure, then whites, browns, and going into the infinite variety of the blues, greens and so on.

Maximise Kitchen

This choice off granite makes it all the more difficult to find the right color for you and your home. The black and blue granite are the more expensive and the more popular. Darker colors are often contrasted with light or white colored cabinets and vice versa.

Granite Standup Bar

One of the first things to do in easing the burden of color choice is to visit your local granite and kitchen suppliers in their stores. They will have large granite slabs to view but will also have smaller samples and offcuts that you can take away and compare to your kitchen cabinets and/or kitchen flooring.

Of course if you are buying or building a new house you would probably be making these choices all at the same time, which could be easier or harder depending on your point of view.

Stained Oak Wood Kitchen Cabinets With Black Granite Tops

Another point to bare in mind is color tones, as each slab is going to vary slightly, so it important to ensure that you order the particlar slab you want used for your couuntertop. Look at a few online granite merchants to get a feel for the granite colors beforer you visit your local store. Combining these two should help you pin down the granite color you like.

Lindsay Maple Dove

But of course there are other colors and materials that work well together. One of the ever popular materials is Maple, and not just for syrup. Maple wood is often stained in a golden brown color, that is great for floor and countertop combinations.

Gold stained cabinets contrast excellently with black or green countertops and can be used well with oak or cherry. Contemporary tan cabinets go concrete or quartz.

Cherry is another versatile wood, and is most popular in the darker stains. Chocolate stained cherry wood combined with pale cream countertop and flooring. Cherry has a distinctive grain patter so be careful not to overdo it.

Dark colored cabinets and white countertops give a modern looking contrast. With stainless steel appliances and a stained concrete floor you would achieve a very contemporary look.

White cabinets in laminates or high-gloss can look fantastic. High gloss finishes will give a contemporary look to a new kitchen, but it depends if you like the cheaper painted wood effect or the synthetic plastic look. White cabinets with black, white or stainless steel appliances. Or blue pearl granite with ivory white cabinets. White marble or granite counter tops with white cabinets and white or light floors also works well.

With contemporary looks in the kitchen you can afford to be bold in color choices so even an orange countertop or recycled glass backsplash can work.

But lets say your going for harvest oak cabinets, and need to decide on yours flooring color, splashback and kitchen countertops. Even worse if its an existing kitchen and you need to coordinate with the fridge and dishwasher.

Maybe an orange brown would work, or a single colored cream quartz work top with light brown tan floors. Possibly a slate floor would complement well. Cream countertops and floors, lighter or darker than your cabinets but not the same shade.

Black granite countertop with copper blend slate. Cherry and laminate light countertop could work well too.

Black appliances, natural copper backsplash, glass countertops and bamboo cabinets with Brazilian green slate. White cabinets, stainless appliances, brushed nickel hardware, and medium-to-dark wood floors. Green black granite counters and white subway tile backsplash.

Lots of ideas there to stir the creative juices! Good luck

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Color Combination In Granite

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Color Combination In Granite and Wood


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