Thursday, 8 July 2010

Cherry Cabinets with Glass Tile Backsplash

Cherry Cabinets with Glass Tile Backsplash

A glass tile backsplash can really compliment cherry cabinet well. A custom glass mosaic backsplash can make it even better as you can the tiles in a mixture of colors to complement the colors in the countertop, cabinets, floor and walls.

Kitchen Remodelling Granite Tile Design Ideas Cabinets Backsplash Cherry Cabinets with Glass Tile Backsplash

Use a glass tile backsplash to help you transform your kitchen into something into something modern and elegant.A glass tile backsplash will give your kitchen that modern and contemporary feel.

Custom, hand-stained cherry wood cabinets Custom-cut granite countertops Designer glass tile backsplash

Glass tile backsplashes are of course easy to keep clean. But they also look stunning and there are so many different ways to create them.

Cherry custom cabinetry

And a custom designed backsplash will make sure that your backsplash is a one of a kind never to be seen elsewhere. There are so many styles and colors available its such a joy choosing the right combination for your kitchen.

UltraCraft Cherry cabinets with a Honey stain, Cocoa Brown Corian and Lagos Blue Caesarstone countertops, and a glass tile backsplash

And a backsplash especially a glass tile backsplash really brings a kitchen up to date and gives it a contemporary feel. So turn your kitchen into a room of beauty with a backsplash.


A glass tile backsplash allows you to incorporate all the existing colors of the kitchen. Or you can use the colors to create an accent or a contrast with your tiles.

Kitchen Sink Cabinets Cherry Cabinets With Glass Tile Backsplash

To make the most of your worktop and backsplash add a variety of light sources to show them off to best effect.

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Cherry Cabinets with Glass Tile Backsplash


  1. Hi- can you please tell me what color/stone is being used in the 3rd pic down. Its some shade of green and it looks awesome. thanks

  2. Ann Sacks Glass Tile Backsplash