Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Modern Kitchen Sinks II

Modern Kitchen Sinks

Not all kitchen sinks are created equal.

Modern Kitchen Sinks Elkay Mystic Wave Sink

Most kitchen sinks are still made out of stainless steel as its the cheapest option.

RAK Ceramic Kitchen Sink Gourmet Sink Big

But designers are reaching back to old sink materials and coming up with new materials to make sinks out of.

Woodfield Kitchen Sink

Undermount sinks fit under the counter rather than over as in normal sinks.

Kohler 8 Degree Large Single Kitchen Sink

These are usually used when you want to show of the countertop even more.

Schmidt Round Kitchen Lotus Giro

Double bowl sinks are more flexible and allow you to do things like wash and rinse or wash and do other things are the same time.

Stainless steel modern sink

Most sinks are relatively low maintenance and just need a wipe with soapy water to get clean.

Stages 33 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink by Kohler

Modern Kitchen Sinks

Modern Kitchen Sinks

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