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Tiles for Kitchen Backsplashes - How To

Tiles for Kitchen Backsplashes How To

Ceramic tiles are probably the best low maintenance wall coverings that can be chosen to protect the surfaces in a kitchen. They really are the premier choice for protecting the walls behind a kitchen countertop or stove / cooker.

kund multicolored slate kitchen backsplash tile

This area, either refered to as the kitchen backsplash or kitchen splashback, depending on which part of the english speaking world you are in, needs to be designed with protection in mind, cos this being the kitchen, it going to take a lot of punishment. But put a good quality kitchen backsplash in place, and it will be more than capable of tolerating the day to day rigours of the kitchen.

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

A properly fitted ceramic tiled backsplash in your kitchen will be virtually invulnerable to the liquid, knocks and heat that are regularly encountered on the modern kitchen countertop.

travertine tile kitchen backsplas

A kitchen tile backsplash makes a for fantastic way to add a splash of colour or texture to the kitchen. Various colours of mosaic tiles, glossy ivory tiles or hand painted tiles for instance, can all transform the look and feel of your kitchen. If you havent taken on many DIY jobs yourself before, this is a good one to start with as its only in a small area and there isnt too much to mess up.

kitchen backsplash tiled with quartzite and stainless steel tile

Take the time to choose the correct tiles. Choose tiles that are about 2 to 4 inches square is a good rule of thumb. Mosaic tiles come in 1 inch squares in sheets with reinforced backing with preset spacing so theres no need for spacers.

kitchen backsplash tiled with porcelain tile

The type of wall covering behind your kitchen countertop will make the decision on whether you need to attach backer board to cover it. If you have a non absorbent material on your walls, just rough it up a bit, and then apply a thin set mortar.

kitchen backsplash tile of red tumbled marble tiles

On the other hand if there is an absorbent material there, such as drywall, which would be damaged by the moisture in the mortar, your going to need to attach some backer board to the wall before you can tile.

kitchen backsplash tiled with hand made ceramic tile made in Mexico

With the backer board in place, mask off the wall area above it to keep mortar off the wall; mask off the thin set mortar. Now position the tile by pressing it into the mortar.

Custom Kitchen Range - Tiled Backsplash

The next step is to set the full tiles. Start at the bottom and work your way up, pressing tiles in place. Insert plastic spaces between the tiles to create even gaps

sunflower tiles kitchen backsplash tile

After the mortar has set, mix up sufficient grout and press it into the spaces between the tiles with a grout float. Squeegee off the excess with the float; when dry, wipe off the haze with a clean cloth.

After you ahve applied your grout and it dry, dont forget to run a bead of silicone between the tile and the kitchen countertop to create a watertight seal

Tiles for Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

Tiles for Kitchen Backsplashes - How To


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