Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Peek in a Green Kitchen

Peek in a Green Kitchen

Design giving great sense to a smaller kitchen space. If your looking for something very bold and different in your kitchen you could do worse than go for a green kitchen. Although you do have to be very bold to go for a green kitchen as there will be no getting away from those bold colors.

Green makes us think of health and nature, of green salads and vegetables, so its quite a natural and culinary color. So if your a foodie or like to cook green is not a bad color to go for. We also talk a lot about being environmentally friendly and one of the phrases we use to describe that is to say that we are being green. With this we are trying to say that we are working towards being more respectful to the environment and nature on the planet as a whole.

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A green kitchen can be in a traditional or a contemporary style. But you must still make it a nice and comfortable atmosphere as there is no point in having a green kitchen if it is not a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

ICFF SNEAK PEEK: Bazzèo Gorgeous Green Kitchens

Of course you will need to have some green color in cabinets etc, but also add some environmentally friendly materials such as bamboo, cork, wood and natural stone countertops

a peek into the avocado green kitchen (it's too messy to show)
House Call: Chris' Green Kitchen Philadelphia
We love this annual opportunity to peek

Kitchen Backsplashes

Kitchen Backsplashes III

Peek in a Green Kitchen

Peek in a Green Kitchen

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